S_V_H J S Bach BWV974 Adagio image 3

Near finish JS Bach May 2nd
≈ W29 1/4x H74.5 xD3 inches
Image was taken on April 30th of the laying out plan for the notes

I have here a near-finish audio for the music box. This audio will play a lot louder on my Bose speakers than what will be heard coming from the artwork. Of course, the reason it will sound different is that I have, once again, returned to using the simpler 2-watt Stereo System to power the two 4-inch 4-ohm speakers. Actually, for it is easy to accommodate when displaying these artworks, the host’s concern always comes down to this: “How loud is the music? Can you turn it down?” Some day that reaction will be the opposite, but I probably will not hear that in my lifetime.

I will sign this artwork tomorrow and shoot an Instagram video and a longer detailed video to go along with this project’s final thoughts, along with some added comments on where this art is heading. The plan then is to take a few days off before starting my next project. I think I will be returning to larger works (I’ll explain) maybe starting with the song One by U2. But, there is a big but, for I will have to see what mood I am in, and what other music I may stumble onto.

“Stuff coming out, stuff going in. I’m just a part of everything” Peter Gabriel

Scott Von Holzen