S_V_H Everyglow image1

This first image shows where I am laying out to music to see if most of it will fit on these size canvases.

I am planning to incorporate two framed 12 x 16 Vincent Van Gogh wall prints into the artwork. I will build my speaker boxes around them. Here are the links to information about the original artworks.



Updated image of the artwork with notes and two Amazon framed Vincent Van Gogh prints.

The reason I am using two wall prints in this artwork, is to raise their status from cheap household wall art to art. It is the surprising quality of cheap wall art that I can see where your average kitchen table artist will eventually find it impossible to compete with. Even without Van Gogh’s raised textures these inexpensive Amazon wall art pieces would look decent or even nice in your average living room. If they were framed, they would certainly gain increased prestige. Even on the internet site Etsy, where flower prints are handmade, these two $14 framed prints hold their own in look and price.

Here is the final draft of Everglow’s artwork’s cover music before moving it into my finishing software StudioOne. I have edited my cover down to 30 seconds in length because of copyright restrictions, that I actually put on myself. Really, who in the music industry actually follows me, or actually reads these blog posts? I do this because it is the right thing to do.

Scott Von Holzen