S_V_H Time to say Goodbye Final image

Two Canvases with aluminum and wood features, 29 inches wide by 15 1/2 inches high.

Time to Say Goodbye is finished and looking at it I think this little painting is kinda adorable.  I see that in the first time stripping of the music and the overall use of black and white I saw in the videos.  To contrast colors I painted the canvases a light rose to represent Sarah Brightman’s and her performance.  I than connected the music with the canvas with the gold and bronze accents and the added vertical magenta stripping on the music.

I choose to paint music from my lifetime,  for different reasons. For example I like to paint music that I think is exceptional,  or that I grow up enjoying over the years. I also like to paint music knowing other artist have done cover versions. That tells me the music has wider appeal.  The first time I heard Time to say Goodbye, I thought it was beautifully sung in Italian, but it was the title sung in English that caught my interest.  A later surprise was to find out that Donna Summer , “The queen of disco,”  also covered the music as I Will Go With You, in 1999.  The Italian title of this music is actually Con Te Partirò. Those words, and the words I chose for the painting, te partirò con te, both translate to I’ll Leave with You.   

I am happy to be moving along to my next project.  I did not build a full aluminum frame around this artwork and that created a lot of extra work to properly support the music on both ends. I wanted to experiment, but actually wasted a lot of time for such a small work. I do like placing my words on pieces of wood for this allows me to place them wherever it works  visually with the artwork.  This artwork completes this word evolution that started in 2014, when I began to not break up my words into their syllables,  or at less stop using those silly little dash lines in between.  Good riddance, for I want this artistic style, that started out with the idea of painting sheet music to eventually reach a creative level that has nothing in common with sheet music.

I have no idea what project I will start next.  I know only that I plan on doing a larger work, probably not Classical in style.

Scott Von Holzen



S_V_H Like a Rock final image

Like A Rock three canvas, 19 inches x 34 inches in length, with aluminum and wood features.

This artwork for the music Like a Rock will catch the eye of the aware viewer with the words, “I Believed My Dreams.” I choose those words knowing their meaning would be varied and unpredictable.  I chose those words to take this artwork beyond the music.  I chose those words because I dream.

By the time I get to the final image of any of these artworks, I have lost my emotions and words for the artwork.  Except that when I turn away from the computer and look across the room, I do say that it surprises me. I never expected this music to turn into an artwork this good.  I like the browns and blacks for they fit Bob Seger.  I like the words for they take this artwork to another level.  And I like this artwork, because it builds from the past but does not imitate what has come before.

Other than that, I am moving on to once again paint some Italian music, but not Vivaldi. This time the music is Operatic Pop with a cover by my favorite Disco Queen, the fabulous Donna Summer.

Scott Von Holzen