S_V_H While My Guitar Gently Weeps Final Image

Two Canvases, wood and aluminum, 37.5 inches in length by 18.5 inches,

I finished While My Guitar Gently Weeps with the word gently. Like all my artworks the words can be found in the music, while at the same time, leaving an opening for other meanings. What is new in this artwork is the number of words and their random placement.

I know this may sound strange but that change comes from the influence of the art of Jean Michel Basquiat, and his free hand use of words on many of his canvases.  This is an  example of Basquiat’s style that made me realize I could save time, and effort, while adding more words,  by easing up on the drawing.  I also saw in my own older artworks,  while taking new photos, how much more loose that style was.  Those early works and Basquiat could  bring this art closer to the music.  That is, If I can update that older style to where I am today.

I can say I painted this music because of George Harrison, and the music from The Beatles White Album, but it is this video from 2004 that reconnected me to this classic 1960’s rock ‘en roll music:

Next up Lovesong, by the Cure and the updated cover by Adele.

Scott Von Holzen


S_V_H While My Guitar Gently Weeps image 2

While My Guitar Gently Weeps offers some new innovations. For example  my far left note is actually there although its physical appearance is missing. If you look at The Water is Wide this is where I started to use none existing objects to represent my version of real things.  I like, and can relate to, this reality for it reminds me of my interactions at my last day job.  This painting also has an obvious similarity to the structure of The Water is Wide, best described by the word cute. My hope is adorable can also be fine art.  If so than I think While My Guitar looks to qualify.

My music uses the color scheme from the Beatles White Album, mostly black and white.  These basic colors balance out that nasty but interesting background.

Scott Von Holzen

S_V_H While My Guitar Gently Weeps image 1

This artwork gets its inspiration from George Harrison’s Fender Stratocaster named Rocky.  Here is George talking about the guitar in this poorly lit video:

Even though this music comes from The Beatles famous White Album, that I still remember standing in line to buy,  it is this tribute video, with Prince, that hooked me to paint this music:

At first I was going to keep the background for this artwork as simple as possible. This was to be a small quick turn-around work,  about 34 inches in length.  To keep this artwork clean-looking I painted the background around the center guitar neck image,  a solid pale green. That look worked,  but only if I was thinking of the post Beatles musician George Harrison and his album All Things Shall past.

I said that I originally heard this song on that album I stood in line for on that late November day in 1968.  That remembrance made me realize that I needed an early George Harrison.  Actually finding him was easy once I gave up the idea of a simple painting.  In my research, for this music, I  had come across the story of his Rocky guitar. It obviously is a treasure trove of color and shapes.  I could no longer resist this challenge and potential fun.

( Guitar Aficionado )

Regretfully, I could not find any mention or video of George Harrison playing While My Guitar Gently Weeps with this guitar, but the timeline was consistent.  Here is a short clip of the Rocky guitar from I am the Walrus on the 1967 Magical Mystery Tour album:

The results of changing my thinking will be a complicated artwork,  that will be a lot more interesting, and more important than I originally thought. No other choice. No filler painting here.

Scott Von Holzen