S_V_H J S Bach BWV 974 Adagio

This is the first image of the new artwork project started on the 14th for the music box for JS Bach/A Marcello concerto, BWV 974 second moment, Adagio. What the artwork will be depicting begins near the beginning of this musical piece, which sounds almost like a modern piece of music.

BWV 974 Adagio. How Irina Lankova reacts to the music outwardly, is what I feel within.

Every one of these artworks is personal. Like Vincent Van Gogh and his sunflowers each of these songs, connect in a moment, sometimes in the lyrics, other times in the melody and often with no words They touch my emotions to spend up to a month or more turning feelings into sight and sound. This connection with this art’s music has been endless, all these last seventeen years, and will continue until there are no more songs to paint. No more feelings left to put to sight and song. No more way to continue painting what is an endless source of subject matter, music.

Scott Von Holzen