The Abstract Music Theme ‘Crush’ done tomorrow

I am near completion of Crush, and I am feeling that I pulled this one out. When I was stalled I would, which I often do,  look back at previously works for clues  in solving issues with this work.

There are always clues in each finished canvas that will lead the way forward. Sometimes it involves a quick glance. Sometimes it comes form walking back and forth looking across the work,  or moving in close, or looking at a small tight section, or in different light.  The clues are in each finished work to move forward and that is why I am near the completion of Crush.

It is signed.  In the past the signature on the front would be the last thing I did. Lately, my signature has become an important feature in the work.  Interestingly,  I do wait but when I add my initials, will placed and looking correct,  I know  to begin cleaning up and finishing the look, knowing it’s time has come.

scott von holzen