Improvisation no. 2 2010 theme: Ive got a crush on you

Crush is finished and a better quality image as been uploaded to the Main page at

Check it out.  More comments later, with information concerning my next work on a 20″ by 120″ canvas, which starts tonight.

Had a technical issue with this canvas that took the edge off of a clean start.  I am going to look over the plan for this next theme:  sandman.  OK,  anyone under 40 probably has no idea what I am talking about or has ever heard of this music but this  piece carries a lot of fond feelings for me.

Here is where it all starts.  I have no idea what is next beyond my current routine of prepping the canvas and rolling on some kind of a base coat.   All I know is that I will be using brighter colors to reflect the mood of this theme.  But, that does not mean much more then a place and an idea to start with.

scott von holzen