Sandman Jan 25th

sandman, 20 by 120inches, theme 1950s

Last night was a struggle.  I tried a number of colors to pull this together  staying in the brown and yellow color fields; but I kept drifting to the reds.  Finally, after putting on a heavy coat of yellow, that just did not work, and looked green where it was laid over the burnt sienna, I put the canvas on the floor.  I then rolled in different reds diluted in water.  Back on the easels it went and using some deep reds and a alizarin,  we get what we got.  Not sure this color will work with this song.  That is a major issue.  What colors can I introduce to swing this piece more in my direction?  What can I do to this canvas surface to wake it up?

I try to predict each work’s progress and learn from the previous job; but each work tends to go its own direction and I just must deal with it and find the ways to make it all work.

scott von holzen