Sandman, a musical abstract theme, 20 by 120inches

Spend much of tuesday night tweaking and re-painting, and wondering why is this canvas base is so red.  I worked more yellow and a lot more orange in,  losing it a couple of times.  Towards the end of Tuesday night I new I had done not much except applied extra coats of paint making  marginal changes.   It was a frustrating that ended by just letting it go.  On Wednesday I  put down the musical flow using my own unique symbols.

What makes my style displaying the music flow  unique?   All you have to do is look at any sheet music.  The notation on sheet music has the note heads that are almost in a laid down position.   My symbols for note heads have evolved over the years.   Today  they are in a  near  standing position, much more dramatic effect.  The only comparison  is that they both have an oblong look.  Finally, if you look at sheet music notes you will see that the stems are connected.  The lines above or below my symbols never ever touch each other.  What I do with music is unique.

scott von holzen