At Last

This a terrible picture from my iPhone.  What can I say At Last is a 36″ by 10 foot painting and you loose a lot when you are displaying it using 400 pixels.  Had a trial of a time with the two 8th notes.  I kept walking over to, whatever is the name of my last painting that is currently being posted on my website picture, to see how it was done.   So I gave it a try to repeat myself and guess what the unexpected expected happened.  Each painting demands it’s own identity and refuses to cooperate when I just try to refine a technique I learn from a previous work.  It never happens, and eventual I find a way to make the canvas happy, and bring all the parts back into focus.

I love this battle.  I know I am still young and naive to the techniques and understandings of paint and the infinite possibilities that are there………….there  to figure out each night from hundreds of problems each of these canvases present.

Scott Von Holzen