AT LAST is finished but not photographed

I finished this painting on the 5th.    Because my camera is not available for another week it will take that much time to get a good photo of this work.   This is the largest I have done; 36″ by 10 feet.  Right now it is, of course, hanging in my living room.  This is a very good painting that was a challenge to complete.  I hit the wall with the two Eighth notes, with layer after layer failing to give the finished look I needed to keep this canvas in balance.  By the way the eighth notes are the two with the fan look at the center of the painting.  Even trying to follow the style of Time after Time did not help beyond just the physics.   Finally, it was again  just the matter of letting the painting find it’s own way.  It only took a few moments and they were done.

I will post a close up, maybe on Monday.  Today I have also started a new canvas Eyes on the Prize, sung by Pete Seeger and lately Bruce  Springsteen.

Scott Von Holzen