S_V_H No Rain by Blind Melon image 4


In image four you are seeing the colors from the video that will dominate the music. I could not resist taking the colors from the girls bumblebee outfit, that starts the video, for the background.  Now, I cannot help but transition, as the video does, to the brighter greens, yellows, and blues, for the music. If it was not for the music video I do not think I would have ever used these color contrasts between the browns, and bright blues and greens.  Now, it is important to assure this artwork ‘s success,  that I find ways to transition the background colors into the music colors.  This approach would be similar to what happens in the video.

The video starts with the bumblebee girl in a world that is neither kind nor understands her. Eventually she finds her way out of that disappointing,  and  drab world into a new reality filled with color, music and dancing.  This low quality video can have a deeper meaning than that of a 90’s musical group, portraying their version of a 60’s Peace, Love, and Rock en Roll band out in the country for the day.  Maybe, this video speaks to the magic of music to rescue people’s lives.  Here is that video again:

If this video is about transition, then in its simple, predictable way, I would say, it speaks to my belief in the power of music to change people’s lives, for a few moments, or even a life time.

Scott Von Holzen


AT LAST posted to the website

The Canon is back so I brought up the lighting and my large Bogen tripod I used long ago to photograph log homes, and photograph it as it hung in my living room. My Daughter thought it would look good in a Mexican restaurant, and  my wife commented last week that for the first time she could picture this painting hanging in a museum.  So, things are looking up.  I have notice that my views are averaging about 1 to 2 a day, which is pushing me to try to post more news more often.  Like a said things are looking up.

Scott Von Holzen

AT LAST is finished but not photographed

I finished this painting on the 5th.    Because my camera is not available for another week it will take that much time to get a good photo of this work.   This is the largest I have done; 36″ by 10 feet.  Right now it is, of course, hanging in my living room.  This is a very good painting that was a challenge to complete.  I hit the wall with the two Eighth notes, with layer after layer failing to give the finished look I needed to keep this canvas in balance.  By the way the eighth notes are the two with the fan look at the center of the painting.  Even trying to follow the style of Time after Time did not help beyond just the physics.   Finally, it was again  just the matter of letting the painting find it’s own way.  It only took a few moments and they were done.

I will post a close up, maybe on Monday.  Today I have also started a new canvas Eyes on the Prize, sung by Pete Seeger and lately Bruce  Springsteen.

Scott Von Holzen

musical abstract ‘Crush’ notation picture

Crush 2010

'Crush' a popular standard music theme 24 by 96inches, Jan 13

There was plenty of room to spread across my notation.   Tonight, The problem  with this background was finding a color for the notes that give them definition.  I found what will probably work in  sap green.  This shade of green was not used at all on this background.  That surprises me for I used a variety of colors searching for a combo that worked. Finally the canvas said it was OK to proceed.   Thanks for that, for I had run out of ideas.  You cannot see the notes like I do, they are all little tiny abstract painting, each an individual work of something.  I cannot stand boring routine, although each of these canvases require just that to get it done and at times it feels good to know, just what has to be completed in a session. So,with the help of a brush or a pallet knife I sculpt each note letting it tell me when just enough is enough.  You’ll see what i mean tomorrow.


Crush ready for the music

improvisation no. 3, 2010, Crush

Crush background set to go for the music

Not a great photo….but do not want to take away from my already limited amount of painting time. They will get better.. i am constantly involving.

About an hour or so of work and I think it is time to let this abstraction go….   Every time I approach a canvas I grasp some idea and go with it…. and then comes the visual feedback from the colors, and I begin the see the limits of my goals.  At that point it is time to stop, to take a look.   At that one moment I ask, is it a yes or a no. If there is any doubt, I let the paint dry and pick a color and see what happens.    Every background for every abstraction starts with an idea, probably based on a previously work that I liked and just would like to pursue.  It never ends that way. The work evolves over the days and even though I try to keep the music theme in mind, I tend to drift.  The paint drifts, and what the finish look is, is never what I started with on the floor with the first wash.

Of course, I have no idea what colors will work to display the flow of the music for Crush.  No Clue.  We will see tomorrow what appears, which will start out easy with a white base  to get things in place,  to make sure everything I need can be apart of this work.

Scott Von Holzen

Cursh Jan 11th

I should mention all of my paintings start with acrylics mostly Golden or Windsor & Newton.  I probably in the future will move more to the Golden brand for I can get them in larger amounts that saves on the cost.  I does not take long to spread ten dollars worth of paint and then decide it needs to covered up.

Last night I decided to fill in the background with diluted color mostly using Turquois.   I also spread out some yellow in two shades to move the canvas to the left.   Music flows and and so must my technique. I will be working on this canvas tonight, only one work at a time.   Since I work during the day all must wait and since the night hours are limited during the week it is just a lot easier  to maintain the concentration on one goal.


scott von holzen

first images of Improvisation no. 3 Crush

improvisation no3 Crush

crush unfinished state

Above is my current work ‘crush’ for short.  Like I said it is 24 by 96inches, and right now not impressive.  I added the red acrylic color on Friday, and had other important matters to deal with.  I am wondering what I can do, and that is where the abstraction comes in.  In a few minutes from now I am going to turn to this painting, stare into the colors and grab some paint, and let it roll, or better yet slide.

Just a note the above picture is a snapshot. All the images on my web site www.scottvonholzen.com I photograph and take considerable time with the lighting and the final colors to be as accurate to the real as I can be….at less when viewing on my monitor.

scott von holzen

Starting a new picture

Thursday night I laid the 24 by 96inch canvas on the floor and rolled  green, yellow and gold across all diluted with water.  Since I am using acrylics the drying time is short.  Waiting for it to dry I work on setting up a blog site; but the whole night there was nothing but issues.  Breaking away, I placed the canvas on my easels and began spreading different colors across the whole length looking for the right combos.  Ended with a top coat of deep red over  green.  I will upload a progress picture on monday.  Otherwise finish work is located on my web site at www.scottvonholzen.com

scott von holzen