S_V_H No Rain by Blind Melon image 4


In image four you are seeing the colors from the video that will dominate the music. I could not resist taking the colors from the girls bumblebee outfit, that starts the video, for the background.  Now, I cannot help but transition, as the video does, to the brighter greens, yellows, and blues, for the music. If it was not for the music video I do not think I would have ever used these color contrasts between the browns, and bright blues and greens.  Now, it is important to assure this artwork ‘s success,  that I find ways to transition the background colors into the music colors.  This approach would be similar to what happens in the video.

The video starts with the bumblebee girl in a world that is neither kind nor understands her. Eventually she finds her way out of that disappointing,  and  drab world into a new reality filled with color, music and dancing.  This low quality video can have a deeper meaning than that of a 90’s musical group, portraying their version of a 60’s Peace, Love, and Rock en Roll band out in the country for the day.  Maybe, this video speaks to the magic of music to rescue people’s lives.  Here is that video again:

If this video is about transition, then in its simple, predictable way, I would say, it speaks to my belief in the power of music to change people’s lives, for a few moments, or even a life time.

Scott Von Holzen