S_V_H No Rain by Blind Melon image 3


This is a tribute painting to Blind Melon’s 1992  No Rain. This update is showing you the music flow. The two shades of blue for the music come from the shirt and jeans worn by Shannon Hoon, the voice of No Rain.  In my own little comparison of Bind Melon to Canned Heat, Shannon Hoon, died of a drug overdose at 28, in 1995, while Alan Wilson from Canned Heat,  the singer of Going up to the Country that became know as the unofficial theme song from the original Woodstock festival, died also of a drug overdose at 27, in 1970.


You can see in this side image how the music flows up from the canvas, and then back down on the bottom panel. I like that idea,  because for me unlike what you see in the any sheet music, the music when played becomes a unique experience to the listener.  No two live performances are the same, as well as no two artists singing the same music will sound the same. That is the key to understanding this art. I am presenting, like I do with any of the music I chose,  a single performance as an artwork.

Scott Von Holzen