S_V_H No Rain by Blind Melon image 2

No Rain image 2This is No Rain image 2 with the background completed for now.  Here is the album cover again so you can see some similarities, in stripping and colors.

blindMelonAgain,  this is a difficult artwork to visualize because the three canvases you are seeing are physically on different levels You can see these steps better with this side view of No Rain.

No Rain Side View

This background, that is a part of the trend lately, is rough in appearance. You are not seeing a lot of clean solid coloring. You are seeing  more transparency in the layering of colors, which creates uneven looks,  and variety in shading.  You are looking at an edgy, feisty, muddled, slipshod background,  but one that is organized in its mood, and presentation.  This I will counter when I portray the music in solid colors, and softer shading, like what you see in the video.

The music is next, so it will be off to the work shop to cut out the thirteen pieces needed to represent this music

Scott Von Holzen