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norain_1This is the artwork, No Rain, a tribute to the music of Blind Melon. This artwork consists of three panels of stretched canvas. The largest panel is 20 x 24 inches, and the two smaller upper canvases are each 12 x 16 inches. What I have done special here is that the flow of the music will be from the back canvas to the most forward canvas. It is hard to see in the image, but the upper left panel is two steps back, while the upper right is one step back, from the larger lower panel.

In this first image of the background you are seeing what an artwork looks like when you want to cover up the white of the canvas. Much of what you see will soon disappear under layers of brown,  yellow, and yellow gold paint based on the Blind Melon album cover:blindMelonThe album offers limited interest which works for the background,  only.  It is the Blind Melon’s video of No Rain, with its use of lighter, brighter  greens and blues, which I will used  for the music.

I chose this music specifically because of the words I picked to be displayed on this artwork. Those three words are ‘escape,’ ‘escape,’ and the third word is also ‘escape.’ Part of the reasoning is my mood, but mostly I chose ‘escape’  for that word repeated offers up a world of interpretation for the viewer.

Also, I chose this music because this group reminds me of a favorite group of mind from the sixties, Canned Heat.  Although I never purchased their albums, their music on the Woodstock album made a lasting impression. The reason I never purchased their music back then is because I was on fairly  sparse budget as a college student in Madison.  Each album buying decision was always a debate. I do remember having the money for some of the biggest artists, such as Ray Charles, or the Beatles  and their White Album.  I believe I paid around twelve dollars for that Beatles double album. I then taped it on my big reel to reel recorder and sold it.

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