Music on the Radio

I rarely listen to music on the radio except when I am working on a project around the house, which is what happen today.  For about five hours I was listening to the local pop stations, and it was the same thing over and over: boys craving for girls…….sick, sick, meaningless garbage, stuff, that I will never paint.  I am thankful I have my iPod and can load it with the music that I listen to on computer when I paint. I do understand the need for this type of music as filler nonsense to break up the flow of advertisement that itself quickly sucks by repetition. I know there is  better modern music to be heard then what is played on the radio.  I subscribe to Pandora which has open many windows, but today I could not believe the poor quality of music played by todays top 40 stations.

I do paint a lot of music that is known today and will be doing a song by Elvis Costello, Allison that I really like.  But, I am planning a large canvas for the song The Very Thought Of You, a real musical classic.  Take some time on You Tube and listen to Nate King Cole’s or Etta James, or Tony Bennett’s version of this great standard.  There is a difference…most of the pop forty you hear today will be gone tomorrow, as it should, but  a hundred years from now someone will  preform The Very Thought Of You and make it famous all over again.