Eyes On the Prize is Completed

Larger images has been uploaded to the main page at http://www.scottvonholzen.com.   When clicking at the images the added information of the price is now included.  I will be adding prices to a number of my works, and plan to setup a new web page to price lower many of the early music works.  The time has come to start moving these works for storage is getting more complicated.

What I like about this painting is the surprise with the ties that work much better then I originally thought.  At first  none of the lines were strung together but I was not happy just duplicating  a previous  style.   I think the canvas balances well, which is always a goal. I like the balance of the words, which can be interpreted in many ways, way beyond the music.  I think the flags on the eighth notes are larger than I would like but I wanted things to be punchy and that is what I got.  That green quiet looking quarter rest is their to just shake things up.  It is like each part of the music and each part of the work tries to its own statement.  That is the goal of every artist to let the work speak up and defend itself.

Scott Von Holzen