Chopin’s Nocturne Opus 9 No.2

This is the start of  a three panel work twelve feet in length.  Something I am realizing more is that when starting a new canvas the efforts come in small pieces.   First the yellow was put down and then after it was dry the magenta was added.  Now that has dried and I have pick it up the canvas off  of the floor and am now questioning if I should next add a dark blue with a roller to fill in a bit, and then palette knife that same color or just let it all settle in and see what tomorrow brings.

I wonder if every artist that has become comfortable with their efforts in the past go about the progression of their new work in a similar way?  I  have no doubt that Vincent had his routine.

OK,  after sitting away from the painting and starring  I have decided to do this:  I picked up today two small canvases 12 inches by 36 inches, and I think I am going to put them together and start another project.

Does that make and logical sense based on the previous conversion? Probably not, but thinking in logical paths gets to no where.

What I am thinking is I like working BIG.  I like walking across the work and moving about which is what you can do with a large canvas.  So, doing a small canvas, I am thinking boring……,.. again…, I am going to do this small canvas and do an excerpt, or something related to, the large work.  Hey, who knows it could work and for sure there is a need to produce small works.

Scott Von Holzen