Chopin’s Nocturne Op. 9 No. 1

Starting to get control of this image. Last night, for a while, I thought that after adding those two bands of color around the main, what-ever-it-is,  to better frame it out, was a mistake.  Changing the mine was too late and it would be nearly impossible to remove.  Then,  just before quiting I did a fleeting thought that I had much earlier in the painting, and  framed the inside of the band with a Cerulean color that worked better then I thought.

Tonight, It was easy to drift  away from the main color band:  the Mark Rothko color band  look.  Sometimes you have to let a part of a painting set in, to make sure to not over paint.   So, on to the four other narrow color bands.    Then it was back to the main band to create a better transition between the top and bottom edges and the rest of the canvas using a magenta color.

Interestingly I drifted tonight when I heard the Pa-pa-pa-pa song from Mozart’s Magic Flute.  I have a version in iTunes but I became a lot more interested in the music after watching a great version on You Tube.  I remembered it first from the movie Amadeus  which I never forgot but never had the interest stirred until tonight.  What this means is that Mozart is next, and now while listening to a piece by Vivaldi,  just maybe……..