Chopin’s Nocturne Op. 9 No. 1

This painting is 12 feet long and it is difficult to get a reflection free image and to photograph the entire image.   These large canvases make it difficult to show much detail.    Closeups are coming.   This canvas seems more, messy?  Compared to the previous Eyes on the Prize which is near by so to be able to compare. Why compare who knows?  There just must be a big competition going on between each artwork.  It may be becoming  a contest of  which work has the best neatness look?  Do not believe that.  All works of art (this has been said a dozen times) find their own way with no regard to what has come before, although they all own a debt, they just will admit it.  They all have egos.

Tired tonight, so although progress is being made along the top and bottom areas of the canvas, it has been slow……..slow with a thoughtfully non-committed attitude towards finishing the base.

Scott Von Holzen