S_V_H Chopin’s Tristesse image5

This fragment image is from a 36″by 14 foot canvas.   Such a large work takes time to capture the feeling.  Right now it is basic putting the pieces together through the process of fitting all the notation on the canvas where it belongs.   The fun part comes after all is in place and you stand back and look and wonder, what is next?  What can be done to bring this work to life?  What is needed to unify the work?  What colors are going to needed to make the work PoP, and what other colors can be added to help and not hurt the movement of the canvas.  All the works move from left to right and this one has the added feature of moving from the color red to blue and finally a soft green to match those last 9 measures of this most wonderful music. So, the question is how does this all going to fit and look incredibly simple to the casual viewer.  It has to appear to be understandable even when there is no clue in the mind of the drive by art lover.  Else, the artwork fails, and the effort is just a learning experience, and nothing moves forward.

Scott Von Holzen