S_V_H Chopin’s Tristesse image6

Fragment left lower side.  Originally the first coat of this whole group of notes was a cadmium red light.  But the color quickly felt out of place. The vast middle and right side of this 14 foot canvas are notes that move from that red to magenta and then a cobalt magenta mix to finally the right  and viridian. This is being discussed for although the light red has now been painted over with magenta, it still exists, on the corners and peeks through here and there.  The point is that whatever is painted is rarely done in error: decisions  are made and refections change and like in pin ball the artist bounces about until the painting finds its way.  The bouncing is never organized, nor consistent, and guaranteed only one thing: with each kick back a new opportunity finds its way forward, never to be lost.   That was guaranteed  to happen as soon as that carefully planed cadmium red was thoughtfully stroked and spread precisely on the canvas and just as carefully covered over,…mostly.

Scott Von Holzen