S_V_H Chopin’s Etude, op.10 no.3 “Tristesse” image7

Been a few days with summer and all, but unlike smaller canvases this 14 footer takes considerable time to see leaps and bounds of changes. What you see here is more thought then progress.  There is going on a constant comparison to Long & Winding for that one days adventure broke new ground, and pushed things forward way more then was ever expected.  But, as has been learned from the pass, there is no real duplicating of the techniques from a previous work with the current effort.  Yes, those tried techniques are attempted but somehow they never fit the same.  This causes frustration and eventually something happens, usually accidentally, and the way forward is found.  It has been that way for the last five years.  The day that ends, the day there are no more accidents available, will  stop everything.  The wall will loom;  the choice will have to be made, not accidentally.

Scott Von Holzen