S_V_H Chopin Tristesse image8

Closeup partial image:  Progress is slow.  The focus is weak. the effort is there just not enough.  To many distractions.  Art requires a lot of concentration which is easier with youth and a challenge with age.  Aging adds complications and if you have a day job that bounces around so to does the art.   For two days, nothing seemed to fit with this canvas.  Dragging other canvases out to view, should of help but did not.  It has been emphasized a number of times in the past that each work forces decisions that reject the past and that is true with this work.  This canvas is long, 14 feet, but the notes are fairly small, about 70mms, to fit the last nine measures.  This creates an issue,  because of  their size, things were being painted with delicate moves, contrasts, and colors.   This soon was seen as a mistake, because of the length of this work, it is not going to be viewed generally, close up. So the emphasis changed to paint more visual effects that can be seen from further back.  Even when the final image is reproduced on the website  it is going to be reproduce with great closeup detail because of the Canon with its almost 4×3 format.

Tonight, the shafts of the notes finally flowed off a small pallet knife and although the beam color, yellow Ochre, may seem to earthy, that may be just a base color to build on.  Anyway, the Ochred may look out of place except for one thing, it stands out from away.

Scott Von Holzen