S_V_H Chopin’s Etude Op.10 No.3 Tristesse image9

This partial image is showing that this magnificent music is starting to find its own personality.   This is a the beginning of the last nine measures and the music is pounding and crazy. It settles down memorably and ends how it should with grace. This canvas is 14 feet and is taking a long time to complete.  So, to  open more doors quicker the 20 inch by 5 foot 2010 Christmas work is next.    The search for music  begins.  But, for now, this work is the priority with many decisions to be made, although most will quickly fall in place.  There is also an effort to brings all of the many colors together to improve the harmony that  flows through the music.  Understand there is no one vision for these works are even a clear path  that will make this effort worthwhile, yet that changes nothing, for the core belief never alters.

Scott Von Holzen