S_V_H Chopin’s Etude Op.10 No.3 Tristesse image10

This painting is full of musical ties and slurs and they are fun to let the brush to wander about the canvas to see what works.  These lines are the widest that have been used but they seemed to not effect the strength of the notes.   The lines give life to this work and because they are spinning across the canvas a sense of movement exists.  No real movement, not like the LED light show that is on YouTube of the artist, Leo Villareal.  His work must be impressive and appears to be very modern. Can canvas art exist in this age of digital brightness?  It is wondered if this art should be built on more recent examples, instead of relying on that old dead artist Van Gogh.  Today’s art appears to offer much more opportunity of diverseness.  If you think about it Van Gogh pushed  art forward  be using brighter colors with obvious brush strokes all with an emotional edge, which today is just plain common.  Maybe this work is built on a past art that has been left behind 60 years ago.  Maybe, there is a better way yet left to be discovered. Maybe, none of this conversation matters:  real art stands the test of time, and only years gone by will be the  true judge of what is fine art and what is only the art of a moment.

Scott Von Holzen