S_V_H What Child is This image3

This is a short post on the 2010 Christmas painting.  Having issues with how to surround the red center.  I went with a too dark band across the top and had to pretty much paint that out.  I do not have enough space to accurately add a extra ledger line which the dark area at the top was in issue wish.  So, I painted it out.  That is what can be easily done on the small 5 foot canvas: with just a little amount of acrylic paint  new ideas can be tried and less new ideas abandon.  That is the reason to paint smaller canvases.

There needs to be some more tweaking of the base before the notes can go down.  Luckily these Golden acrylic paints dry in a few minutes, with the help of a fan.  It has been noticed that over the years the base of these artworks has become just as important as the notes.  At first that was not the attitude, the notes where everything, and the background was just that something to fill the rest of the canvas.  Over the last couple of  years that has changed and the background has to stand on it’s own before even one note is drawn.  Even more,  this last year, the emphasis has shifted from the notes to the background.  Today, the challenge is to create a stand-alone  base and then add the interest and feeling and meaning of the work with the addition of the notes.   The notes makes the background richer, and seperates this art from the many thousands of other’s  abstracted wall hangings.

Scott Von Holzen