S_V_H What Child is This image4

This canvas is moving slowly.  Because of it smaller size, 20 inches by 5 feet this work should be completed by the end of this weekend. Yet, I do not think that will happen. Mostly distractions that have nothing to do with art, and self questioning that also has nothing to do with art,  are interfering with the art.   This will of course be overcome because the yearning  to move forward is always there and always pushing everything ahead. And when the all  of all things is put into perspective the art is what matters.

Since this Christmas 2010 piece has a fairly straight forward flow of notes across the canvas, this will force more effort to pop this movement to give the work life. So, it looks simple  and it could be an easy paint-by-numbers work; but that is not expected.  The expectations that grow as each work progresses to the finish, prevents that.  It may not be radical; but it just may surprise how each new work builds on the past and with opens the path forward.

Scott Von Holzen