S_V_H What Child is This image5

Closeup of the Christmas painting 2010.  This painting will be reproduced on canvas photographic paper, sign and numbered and sent to all those who have purchased an art piece.   A slightly different version goes out to relatives and friends; but the painting is the same on each type of card.  Since this is a Christmas theme artwork, the colors will be pushed more to the greens and reds, and cheerful blues and some white to remind many of snow.   Usually these canvases are not experimental.  Mostly, they are smaller in size and done to celebrate the holiday season.  That sounds good, lets go with that.

Back in 2006 it was late in the year when the idea came to do a Christmas card with a painting.  That year the painting was printed directly on the card and the song was Joy to the World.  It is realized that Joy to the World is a classic pop song and nothing more, but the words Joy Joy Joy where used so it made it kinda Christmas like.  That is how it started.

This years words are ‘the babe of Mary.”  If it would not have been a painting that was represented on a Christmas card the words chosen from What Child is This would have simply been ‘the babe Mary.’   The words ‘the babe’  still  give this painting a twisted meaning, which is always the goal when words are used in a artwork.  Rarely, do artwork words resemble in meaning similarly found words in the music.   That is done a purpose to separate the art from the music and to see if the viewer is paying any attention: generally they are not.

Scott Von Holzen