S_V_H Imagine

Imagine___today on the news they were taking about it being the seventieth birthday of John Lennon. This canvas was completed in March of this year and there was no thought about this being a particular important milestone in the Beatles history.  This painting was done simple because the Artist grow up in the sixties listening and loving the Beatles.

It can be still be remembered so long ago dancing with a beautiful girl with long black hair, slowing to the Beatles song Let it Be.   That girl never felt so good.  Of course, she is long gone with only a few memories, and a few poems left to be remembered.  But, that night dancing close with that girl, listening to that song by the Artist favorite band, still lingers in the heart.

So, it is important that this Artist makes absolutely clear that these artworks  based on  music, have never been created to take advantage of the efforts of others.  These painting are done out of love of the music and are meant to celebrate that greatness that is the composers and performers of the music.

That time, that night,  and all that that is the Beatles,  is a big part why this Artist has finally found life focus. It  is Art that is to exploiting  the Dream;  and that is that.

Scott Von Holzen