S_V_H What Child is This image6

What Child is This right side.  The notes have gone from a pink rose to ultramarine: blue just seemed to make this canvas work better.   The Christmas painting is approached not as a cutting edge project but more like a summary of this last year.  Yet, What Child is This is more of a slower more thoughtful tune, and yet, what you see here is a lot of movement and colors that are bright; probably too strong for this music. It could not be helped.  When thoughts turn to the Christmas project the first colors that are seen are red and green.  Maybe, What Child, should have been done with softer yellows, browns, and pastels; but obvious that did not happened.  Sometimes, the art deviates from the music.  In this example it is quit apparent, and yet, no apologies are coming for Christmas is a joyous time and this music needs to a new cover that picks up the pace.  Hey, it is all about tempo.

Scott Von Holzen