S_V_H What Child is This image7

What Child is This left side of 20 inch by 5 foot canvas.  It took two days just to put down the eighth notes.   The eighth notes are shown here as the three notes with the Naples yellow, yellow and burnt sienna fan shaped lines.  The originally thought with the Christmas work is to simply do it, get it done, nothing fancy, no need to go crazy,  just do what has worked.    For the last two nights non of those thoughts prevailed  to create the eighth note flags.   Colors tried ranged from dark  to light blue, yellow , blue greens,  red, and green, and nothing worked.   Different sized rollers, and different size pallet knives were all tried.  Stokes this and that way, down and across.  Even dabs of paint and wide flowing brush stokes, in green is remembered; but it all was washed off the canvas .  Early this late afternoon it was all put together, some of this and that technique, and in 30 minutes it was done, and good to go, for now.

It is the next day, in the morning, before heading out, that a quick glance at the canvas will tell the truth: yes or no.   It is that simple.  When there is but one to judge, that judgement is precise without forgiveness.

Scott Von Holzen