S_V_H What Child is This final image

This painting has been finished a number of days ago.  It just happens, the painting is done and the move is quickly made to the next project and final thoughts were not put down.  Even the written journal had little to say about it.  This painting is considered the best of the Christmas projects so far. The slurs where an interesting challenge.  The slurs are the four squiggle brownish objects, that push the artwork across the canvas.  It took time to get them right. This work has a nice balance and flow and the colors work.  As stated before, there was a effort to back the color down, to match the pace of the music.  That is the reason why the slurs are more earthy in color and why the flags on the 8th notes where quieted down with Burnt Sienna and Naples Yellow.

It is amazing how much comparison between the previous work and the current goes on. The previous at first seems much better.  The first effort on a new canvas starts with efforts to incorporate those moves that worked into the next work.  It never works, there are subtle moves with the colors and applying techniques that change everything.  It ends that way, there is no other choice.  The art wants to be the art. There was thinking of not posting this image and saving it for the surprise in the Christmas cards; but not enough people view  this blog to make that surprise, any less.  Also, this image is just a quick shot and the final photography will not be posted to the website until after Christmas.

Scott Von Holzen