S_V_H Amazing Grace image1

Behind on posting images:  This is a section of Amazing Grace at 24 inches by 6 foot in size.    This music is big, but since religious music is not a favorite it was never considered until an email was received requesting to purchase an artwork based on Amazing Grace.

Since this will probably be the only painting ever done, of this music, the original thinking was to use a larger canvas of twelve feet to fit the entire song.  To keep the cost down, and since the phrase chosen fits in a six foot size the decision was made. Another reason was that after doing the fourteen foot Tristesse, it is thought that it was time to take a break an do a series of smaller works.   They offer more pushes to press this style forward.

The change in attitude towards this music was not all because of a potential sale.  A motivation was the honest words from a woman, that takes this art and that song seriously, and the realization  that Amazing Grace is actually quit a good tune known by almost everyone.   The music collection has versions by Elvis Presley, Susan Boyle (added), Willie Nelson, Chris Tomlin (added), and the two favorites by the Taliesin Orchestra and Judy Collins.

The song was written by John Newton in the late seventeen hundreds. The search began to find the original manuscript of the music.  An early version was found but sounded to early. The words where also different from today.   A non original appearing version published in 1829, and in the Public Domain, was luckily discovered.  The current updated version by Chris Tomlin (My Chain Are Gone) was at first an interesting thought, but rejected.

Why the picture above is crimson can only be guessed.  When a work is started with the music being played colors pop in and out. The paint went here and there and things just went down from their throughout that night.  All efforts could not turn the corner.  In the morning it did not look that bad, but the color scheme was rejected.   Last night an image two was finish and photographed, today, and will be posted soon.  The colors got a lot better after four hours worth of work, just to ease any thoughts.

Scott Von Holzen