S_V_H Amazing Grace image2

Amazing Grace close up image center of canvas. There is a comparison, with the center shape of this image with image1 of Amazing Grace, but that is it. What is seen now is what is left of the crimson colors of of image1, their current shapes a remembrance of Clifford Still’s work.

There is no understanding why this work began with acrylic reds to such a large extent, other than the music was not being payed any attention. What else is not seen is the work done between image1 and 2.   For awhile there was an attempt in the center section to covered the red with shades of purple, that failed and ruin everything, but could not be removed.

Image2 then is what pulled this canvas back to its theme.  The unexpected result of the streaks of crimson reds, from the first image, now  have taken on the representation, of say, the flames of punishment. The blues that now overwhelm them could be the image of amazing grace, just to keep with the religiousness theme of this music.

Not seen clearly in this image, is that the surrounding colors are mostly different shades of gold. The blues where always a consideration for this music, but the use of so much gold is a surprise.  Image2’s reasoning  has been unexpected, with some of the results a matter of technique luck.

Stuff that makes stuff happen sometimes happens unexpectedly.

Scott Von Holzen