S_V_H Amazing Grace image4

This is a third of  the painting on the right end side, image appears to be slightly darker. Currently, there is some listening going  on, through the many versions of this music, to better grasp this song which may seem obvious and pointless to most listeners.

This music has been heard many times over many years, and  with all of the huge variety of emotions it generates touching many, how can any painting represent those feelings?  How does any painting speak to all of that?

It may be possible in the relationships of the color: color against color, mixed with, touching, bouncing off of, soft and hidden, loud and dominate, feisty and arrogant, loose and free.  Color that demands attention, or shyly blends away.   That and more put all in on this canvas, and hopefully displaying music that can be touched; music that can be felt.

Personal thoughts: During the day the hours are spent working for the man. Some days take fragments of the night away, shredding the art into  interrupted, disturbed, distracted, and lost pieces of creativity.  Some days are held together by fear, that drives the incentive to paint, paint, and paint, to find the other way.  Some days will always be forgotten, but the art builds, builds, and builds, with feeling, without the obvious, with all the emotions, but never pointless.

Scott Von Holzen