S_V_H Amazing Grace image5

Amazing Grace right side half of 24 inch by 6 foot canvas. The words chosen come from the first lyric “I once was lost, but now am found; Was blind, but now I see.”   These words where deliberately chosen for they are easily recited from memory by all who know this music.

Looking at this section of this artwork, the only words that are appearing are “am”  and “now.”  They where originally drawn using the color Alizarin Crimson.   They looked nice but created to much color bounce needed for this music.  Regrettably, they where removed and drawn again, this time with a Copper acrylic, that does not show well in this reproduction, but whose appearance better matches the flow and mood.

The words are chosen in the effort to separate this artwork from the original musical lyrics.  This deliberate attempt is made to create a reference twist to  any words used. Understand this music, like all music appreciation is personnel to the viewer and listener.  What is attempted here is a visual challenge to the viewer, to see different the music and the lyrics, hopefully gaining a uniquely different perspective.

Think about that.  If this painting was done to match the music, what you would then have is a Walmart art reproduction, that would look just fine: easy to digest, and just as easy to dismiss as wall decoration.  This art will not allow that.  This art demands its own identity.  This art seeks its own meaning. This art pays tribute to some of the greatest music every created, yet will forever seek to stand on its own.

Scott Von Holzen