S_V_H Amazing Grace image6

Amazing Grace closeup middle of this 24inch by 6 foot canvas, which is near finished.  It has been signed on the front, and tonight and some tweaking tomorrow will finish this work.  In a couple of days a truer color photograph of the entire work will be done and posted on the website.

The version of Amazing Grace song by Judy Collins is what is being played to at this moment.  This music in six different version has been listened to many times to try to bring the mood, the feel, the connection, the impact this music has to the canvas.  It was creative drifting that pulled the canvas in different directions, until a strange feeling of lost occurred.    In a couple of days the brush found the right paint and without hesitation or debate,  it began the process to unify all the colors with all of the shapes.

Now, it is nearly done, and will be what it is.  Every artwork starts with a quest for perfections that quickly changes to the reality that what is best in an artwork is like what is found to be best in people: the uniqueness of the flaws.