S_V_H Cry Me A River image1&2

Cry me a River 24inches by 6 feet started on the 6th  with the bottom image.  Used two main colors with the dark being  Dioxazine Purple and although it looks red in the image, it was Burnt Sienna that was used for the lighter color.  Looking at the image in its current state which is image2,  above, there is enough color showing from below to confirm it was Burnt Sienna.  It should be easy to remember, but everything moves fast, some decisions are quickly made and tried.  It did not take long for the empty working table to have a dozen and more different  colors scattered about.

Not sure the reason this music was chosen for this next work, besides it was an easy pick for the chosen canvas.  While painting one work it is nearly impossible to switch thoughts to what to do next.  There are times that it takes days to find the music and the part that will work on the canvas and finally if it will even fit . Since everything came quickly together with Cry Me A River it was moved ahead of Naive Melody that was the second choice.

This music by Joe Cocker  from the 1970 album Mad Dog & Englishmen, has been forever a favorite album once owned. It wasn’t until years later that it was learned that this song was a torch Standard, sung by the likes of Etta James, Julie London, and Diana Krall,  all examples that come from the music collection.

Listening to those much softer versions may have a large influence on the direction of this work.  Judging from image2 that may not appear to be happening, but right now, on this current path, it is hard for the artist to stick with  dark and earthly colors that this work might appear to be more comfortable with.  It would be nice to do such a painting in browns and dark greens for example, but the mood, the feel, the emotional joy of color does have its influence. Besides Joe Cocker was at his best singing Cry and that is hard to forget.  Although, he did not quite get the words right compared to Julie London, which gives her a slight edge.

Scott Von Holzen