S_V_H Cry me a River image6

Interesting color choices for the music.   There is an email that has been a draft for nine months, because the wording of the response has never come together that was convincing.  This is being brought up because Cry the the artwork being mention in defense of this art.  Here is that excerpt:

“It can be look at in this way: take the Song Cry Me a River, the current painting in progress.   It was Joe Cocker’s version,  that I first heard in the 1970. Today, having learned over the years that this is a musical standard, I have recordings of Cry by Etta James, Julie London, Diana Krall, Ella Fitzgerald, and two by Joe Cocker.  Listening to each it is clear that they all sang that song similarly with each giving it their own unique style but still remaining faithful to the music that is uniquely Cry Me A River.
That is what this art is also doing: these canvases at first appear to be music and follow the flow of a particular musical piece, but the music is presented in a way that allows each artwork to stand alone as a stylization of, for example, Cry Me A River. What they are trying to accomplish is to stop the viewer who has the greatest probability  to have either seen, sung or played music sometime in their lives.  Stop them just out of curiosity.  Stop them like no abstract art turn wall decoration art at Perkins can do today.”
Not sure if this email will ever be sent.
Scott Von Holzen