S_V_H Cry me a river image5

There are similarities between works of art, and the thinking is that each builds on the past.  That is why it is so important to maintain a momentum.  Sometimes it is  a strain, and  a frustration, when life get in the way of the art.  But it must.  It has to. Sometimes there is not a choice.   There are other obligations.  But there can be consequences long after the return to the studio trying to get back into the flow.   Yet, that is life and of course we are all better for it.

This painting is moving along, and although Joe Cockers lively version of this music is surprisingly showing up more then first thought, it is OK.  Let the art go, and hope the skill in the techniques matches the vision.  No clue were the copper and the Liquitex Brilliant Yellow Green combo idea came from.  What is good is that when this stuff just appears in the mind there is the will to give it a try.  That is what keeps this art moving forward.

Scott Von Holzen