S_V_H Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace was sold today.    Amazing Grace has left the studio to begin its own journey through this world.  The people that purchased it, Mary and Dan L, where touching in their story, with Mary saying that Amazing Grace meant much to her helping her get through some very tough times in her life.  Sure, she hopes it will be a good investment, and that is also the artist goal to have the painting worth ten times the value of their home.  But that was not the main reason they purchased this artwork.  And that is not the main reason this music was painted.

Each of these artworks speaks to the greatness of ONE song, and Mary and Dan both saw that and this artist will be forever grateful to them.  These humble people, are not avid art collectors, the kind that most artists dream of connecting with, they are more than that.  Much more, and for that they will be a great motivation to keep perusing this artist journey like what has just begun for Amazing Grace.  A journey, hopefully offering more of the best of surprises , like Mary and Dan.

Thank you
Scott Von Holzen