S_V_H Ain’t No Sunshine image3

No Sunshine.  Wow…. this one was stuck for a day. This last Sunday night it was a struggle to feel anything for this work: Weekends and Life can be hard on the art.  But there it sat on the easel, and there was some time set aside for art, and the brush was put to work even though the creative mind showed up missing: Baby steps, it is always about baby steps to keep painting, and believe.

Things where moving again on Monday night although the words where completely removed and moved down 2 centimeters. They just did not feel right, no matter how small that move might be, it accomplished a better balance. Tonight it is about doing something with those beams.

It is never about perfection, for like it has been said in the end, in the finished, it is the accepting of the not perfect that gives each of these works their individuality, without any excuses, keeping true to the feel of the music.

Scott Von Holzen

I would like to thank Al Kratzer from the thepaintednote for featuring some very early work and the music it was created for.  Those baby steps again.