S_V_H ain’t No Sunshine image2

No sunshine moving right along.  This is not the happiest tune, so subtle, and toned down colors where chosen.  The question can be asked about how are the original colors chosen?  At times when starting a new work, it is the challenge to find a combo of colors that are different from the past. Sometimes it feels that there just are not enough colors to choose from.  The more the art the better the understanding of how colors work for and against each other.   It justs takes time.

The thinking is that there will be only about twenty more good years left in this creative quest and time is at a premium. This is about life in art and the time needed, and the delicate health balance to be  maintained between work, family, and the Art.  So far only a few bumps.

It took until the age of fifty-seven to find the right path to a life time dream.  Ashame it took so long but like today much of the time was spent helping others.  This afternoon,  under a desk attaching cables and hearing the voices of those standing around this thought occurred:  what the hell was the dream of being a famous artist doing under a desk on his knees, catering like a servant, and away from his art? The simple answer is doing the job.

What will it take, and will it take it all before this is all done?

Scott Von Holzen