S_V_H Winter final image

Winter is finished and this is the musical work that changes everything, for now.  This work finishes the evolution of the note. Early paintings from  2005 into 2008 resembled the typical musical note.  What is meant is that the note was drawn as a oblong and laid almost flat.   Starting in the spring of 2008 the notes began to be lifted for two reasons: first by increasing the height in comparison to the width, more notes could be placed across a canvas.  The other equally important reason for raising up the notes was to give them more of an  active, and dynamic appearance.  Looking back it appears that early 2010 the notes where becoming quite vertical, thinking Sandman.

Then it was the use of a number of different lids, from the painting jars, that where used to create the circles seen on Naive Melody.  Not only did this solved the 8th notes style issue, for now, but it opened the door to Winter to finish the notations move to vertical.   It seems so simple now, but it would not have work until now: time for everything, and everything has its time.  Art is at its best when the artist is right on but of those points, for now.

Winter is based on the beautiful music of  Tori Amos.  Three different versions were played over and over and over, and are being played right now.  The music is only hers, this art is only the expression of the feelings for the love of the music.  It has always been about the music.

Scott Von Holzen