S_V_H Ain’t No Sunshine image1

PreviewIn Sunshine you are seeing the same basic positioning that has been used for the last 3 paintings. It appears that a lot of voice in music is pretty centered.  These backgrounds always start this way:  strange, unconnected, with a lot of wandering colors. Maybe this is the landscape part of this art, and like any landscape there just is a lot of variety of colors and shapes spread randomly.   There is organization here, but at this stage of the artwork that is not significant: it will probably all be over painted tomorrow.   There is only so much of this look that can last and it will soon find itself hidden with only peeps  showing through to the top.   The reason for those changes is that this look does not hold the wall.  By burying it what remains for view will be enough to make a point. The point and purpose is to add depth to the work.

Scott Von Holzen