S_V_H Chopin Valse Op.64,No2 image1

Valse, a one syllable word the means concert waltz.   Chopin wrote 19 of these waltzes. The canvas is three feet by eight feet, and is a classical piece picked to shake things up from the previous works.  It will. This canvas will represent a small section of this waltz that is played fast and so the use of the bright colors.  Since the notes move sharply up from the left to the right there is going to be a lot of territory  that will need to stand on its own.  The base has added importance to hold interest and to help move the music along.

The thought is to put the base in a good look and then draw in the note heads only. Then, step back, and for the first time work the background  further like a musical landscape that will pump up the emotional impact, add diversity, and pops the notation. In previous works that has been the trend with the background, but here there is hope that the effort will be pushed harder forward.   We shall see.

Scott Von Holzen