S_V_H Chopin Valse Op.64, No.2 image2

Chopin’s Valse.  There was a commercial today on the TV where there was a scene in a studio with the artist saying that he did not know where the inspiration comes from but all of a sudden it just appears. Not a quote but similar.   Surprised, that caught.  There has been discussion in this blog and the artist has spoken to others about not knowing where it comes from and suddenly there was that deep artist meaning being commercialized on TV?

Seeing that commercial  reveled a truth about this art: it is a lie it is not all about the inspiration.  It is never there at the end and barely starts that way.  Just look at this image and the previous one.  Wow, there is a difference.  And guess what it just did not just happen.  It is work.  It is standing back and saying, this sucks. And it is then about trial and a lot of errors.  That is where things are still, with this work.  The current feeling is that there is too much green.   No matter what colors where put down, last night, to cover that upper green strip, above the imaginary Staff, nothing worked. It was all washed off, over and over again the rag was rinse clean of paint.

Stick inspiration but stick with the discrediting  of it just happens.  It does not, it is a job, it is work, and it is just fine that way.  Did not Thomas Edison say 10 percent inspiration 90 percent perspiration?  True, it starts with a feeling for the music and a colors that seem interesting.  If that is inspiration, OK that works.  But, after applying the first colors the feeling melts  from the dream world, down the drain, to the reality world of what the hell are you doing, and how can this work be saved.  That is when the truth begins to show up in the paint.  Like the truth the artist paints have many layers.

Scott Von Holzen