S_V_H__Hallelujah image1

Hallelujah  is a 3 foot by 10 foot canvas.  The thought is to use narrow, across the canvas rectangles, with different shades of blue to create some base interest.  This canvas is hard to photograph because there is not enough room to backup and have the whole image in the picture.  This image was shot at an angle and the perspective was fixed in Photoshop.  Usually these preliminary images are shot with a add on Canon Flash, 580, but with this image there is going to be a need to light the far side better.

This song has always been a possibility, but the timing was never there.  Then while buying a bike, the salesperson commented on the floor room music that this version of Hallelujah was not his favorite.  That was all it took, a connection, that was not just the artist.   There is no remembrance of which version he was commenting on, but after listening to a dozen covers, the original efforts by Leonard Cohen, are the best followed by K.D. Lang.


This is the 150th post.

Scott Von Holzen